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Idea Hunt is the premier crowdsourcing platform for business.  You can engage your employees, partners and clients in your hunt for your next big idea!


Connect your challenges with brilliant people and their ideas. Many companies are already leveraging Idea Hunt, asking: How can we market X? What killer feature is missing for Y? 


Leverage and engage both your existing customers and a larger online community in co-creation. The Web has fostered a generation of makers that love to create and share content.


Your Hunt is an event that can be used to market your product. In much the same way that you could arrange a conference to create an experience that people can’t help to talk about.

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What is included in an Idea Hunt site?

✓ Your Idea Hunt site
✓ Your URL
✓ Your logo
✓ Your terms of service
✓  Privacy settings
✓ Data export

Idea Hunt client testimonials

Idea Hunt has built their software and experience from a global and ultra-collaborative basis. Connections are made around the globe in a human peer to peer-solution, helping skills go viral. This is exactly what we built the Axis culture around, so the fit is striking.

Jonas Hansson

Chief Information Officer

Idea Hunt is a versatile tool that can be used to source ideas for change and organizational management. It has many of the social aspects that I find lacking in other tools for innovation and learning. It’s digital nature has allowed me to reach people in a large and geographically dispersed organization. It’s now possible to engage more people in our innovation.

Fred Eriksson

Change consultat, E.ON

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